Monday, March 6, 2017

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Moshi hotels booking for Marathon event 2017 February travel deals

Get 2017 travel deals hotels booking in Moshi for Marathon event 2017 February.

Accommodation for this great travel event is necessary because many people need rooms. Tourists and people need accommodation at Hotels and Lodges around Moshi. February is busy Month in Moshi due to Mountain climbers trekking Kilimanjaro. February is best season to climb Kilimanjaro and Moshi town is busy.

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You can reserve your hotel room in Moshi early and guarantee availability. Hotel price deals vary in price. Hotel price comparison provided below helps you to plan your budget and choose suitable hotel.

A - Backpack Hotel/Hostel - 15 US $ per person Siesta Hotel and Hartebeest View Lodge

B- Budget Hotels - 20 US $ per person Zebra Hotels, Osy Grand Hotel, Kilimanjaro cranes Hotel

C- Moderate Hotel - 30 -40 US $ per person Kilimanjaro Bristol Cottages, Kilimanjaro Wonders Hotel

D- Luxury Hotels - 50 to 60 US $ per person Nyumbani Hotels, Park View Hotel Moshi, Sal Salinero Hotel

E - Up Country Luxury Lodge - 70 to 90 US $ per person Kilemakyaro View Lodge