Saturday, February 14, 2015

Conference venues and Convention centers

Convention centre Arusha and Conference venues Tanzania.

Conference is the meeting of people agrees to discuss certain topic or a formal meeting whereby researchers present papers of finding on certain aspect.

Conference venues

Conference venue is a hall or room built for the purpose of meeting.
Conference venues are available in Hotels, Resorts, Lodges and Convention centers. Most large Hotels have conference rooms which can cater up to 1000 people.

However conference centre has capacity to host more than 1000 people up to 7000 people.
Conference facilities provided are furniture, overhead projectors, stage lighting, translating machine and a sound system.
Convention meaning is a meeting, or a gathering of individuals who assemble at an arranged place and time in order to discuss topics of some common interest. Sometimes conference and convention refer to different purposes.

Criteria to choose Conference or Convention destination are safety and security, natural attraction wonders, facilities, Infrastructure, interest and economy. Country where by Convention is determined to be must be politically stable. Places of interest for travel such as wildlife safari game parks and mountain climbing is added advantage. Infrastructure like Airports, Hotels, Lodges, Resorts and roads are of great important.
For This case in East Africa, Arusha and Dar es Salaam qualify for International conferences and conventions.

Marketing and promotion of convention centres and conference venues is important factor for people to discover values of conference destination. Convention magazines, conference blogs, social media and websites are ways for advertising the conference venues.
Incentive travel deals for conference in Arusha include wildlife safaris, city sightseeing tours, mountain climbing and adventure travel.