Friday, January 9, 2015

Travel tips how to choose suitable Kilimanjaro route

Planning to climb mount Kilimanjaro include choosing Kilimanjaro route

Kilimanjaro routes are official established pathways which lead tourists to trek to Kilimanjaro summit. There are several pathways named Kilimanjaro routes and are Machame route, Rongai, Marangu, Umbwe, Lemosho and Northern circuit. Each Kilimanjaro route has unique features usually due to geographic volcanic formations. Kilimanjaro routes varies in length, altitude and even weather.

So when tourists dream about Adventure Kilimanjaro climbing trip, first should read about details of each route. Travel tips on how to choose favorite Kilimanjaro route should be interest, health status of climber, first time climber or if experienced mountain climber, usual residential weather (at altitude areas differ from low land or beach areas), duration of climb and budget of travel.

Marangu route is considered easier Kilimanjaro route, people just consider easier because was first Kilimanjaro route know to guests in 1889 as first German Hans Meyer from German climbed it.Because Marangu route was first known, it get many tourists hence crowd of tourists.

Machame route is recommended Kilimanjaro route because has beauty scenery, best acclimatization, less people and avoid crowd.