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Conference venues, Congress Africa, Car hire, Hotel Arusha, convention meetings, safari lodges,wildlife safaris and climbing kilimanjaro

Conference venues, convention meetings, Congress, Hotels, Lodges and car hire.

Arusha is one of major tourism cities in East Africa and top conference destinations in Africa.
Several numbers of big convention meetings, congress and conferences of international standard was conducted in Arusha. TED conference (2007), TED global conference in June 2007, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) conference 2012, 7th World Rangers Congress in Tanzania in 2012 and much more…

There are formal conference venues and also several Hotels provide conference venues. All conference venues and hotels provide modern conference facilities. All travel logistics are organized and prepared by reputable Tour Operators and Destination management companies in Arusha.

Arusha is chosen to be centre of all international conventions because of environment and climate that is nearly similar to that of Europe and America. Arusha is centre nearby all famous Tourist destinations including mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro Conservation areaand more. These are tourist destinations known world wide and most of them recognized as world heritage sites. Mount Kilimanjaro entered in competition to become 7 world natural wonders in 2012 and in 2013; Ngorongoro crater, Serengeti wildebeest migration event and Mount Kilimanjaro are on New 7 wonders of Africa. Arusha city is a safari city where all wildlife safaris begin here and is a gate to wildebeest migration while Karatu is a gate to Ngorongoro crater tour and Moshi town is a base for warming up before climbing mount Kilimanjaro.

Conference incentive travel packages will be provided to supplement your visit to Africa. Incentive tours include mount Kilimanjaro climbing trips, wildlife safari tours, Tanzania safaris, camping safaris, Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions, safari adventures, walking safaris, photographic safaris, climbing mount Kilimanjaro packages and beach holidays to Zanzibar.

There are other diplomatic and international Organizations in Arusha like UNICTR, Africa court, Universities and more.

The conference halls in the hotels and convention centers have varied capacity. Conference halls in Tanzania hotels can host up to 1500 conference delegates. More services organized in these Hotels and Lodges are theatre seating, cocktail parties, breakaway and gala dinners.

Convention centers takes up to 7000 delegates depending on seating plans like theatre, breakaway or class room style. There are also board rooms capable of taking 20 to 200 diplomatic and business people.
VIP travel services for diplomatic, CEOs, Directors, Ministers will be organized with security escorts. Airport transfers and car hire is available at cheap corporate rates. Convenient flight tickets will be booked through our preferred Travel Agent. Flight tickets will be booked through Airlines which fly direct to conference event destination.

Car hire needed for travel to game parks for wildlife safaris is 4 x 4 safari modified Landcruisers and Landrovers. Kilimanjaro trekking packages will be provided. All information for Kilimanjaro climbing routes will be provided for perusal and choice.

Below are recommended Hotel in Arusha for accommodation and conference events:- Mount Meru Hotel, Kibo Palace Hotel, Palace Hotel Arusha, Arusha Hotel, Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge, Impala Hotel, Arusha coffee Lodge and East Africa Hotel suites.

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