Thursday, November 29, 2012

Travel writing expert, travel writer for tour and hotel promotions, marketing, public relations

Advertising travel writer and promotion travel writing expert in Tanzania.

Travel to tourist destinations and write blogs explaining about beauty and natural scenery of tourist attractions. Writing about Tour companies unique travel products,vacation holidays and Tanzania safari packages.

Hotel and travel writing for accommodation like safari lodges, tourist hotels on events, conferences, new year eve, christmas and special price discount on hotels and safari lodges public relations release.

Freelance Travel writer and photographer for Tour, hotel promotions. Travel writing for public relations release to explain launch of new travel itinerary, airline new destination, travel agent wildlife safari itinerary and new tourist destination marketing.

Freelance travel writing and travel to tourist destinations for photographing, film taking, blog writing and promotion of vacation holidays, camps, safari lodges and African safari itineraries.

Education and Experience:
- B.Sc. Wildlife Management and Tourism
- Travelled to National park in Kenya and Tanzania
-Worked at Beach hotel Zanzibar, Tour Company in Moshi and Arusha
-Experienced seo marketing and google online marketing
-Blog writer and travel writing for public relations

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Tel: +255784811095