Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oxygen Bottle for kilimanjaro climb ,Safety precautions and Travel Air Ambulance

Safety precautions for travel, Travel Air Ambulance and oxygen bottle for Kilimanjaro climb emergency

Oxygen bottle is essential in case of emergency example when acute mountain sickness occurs.

Acute mountain sickness is altitude illness occurs when climbers goes too fast up, or if climber fall shortage of oxygen or doesn't breath properly due to high altitude. Acute mountain sickness happens when tourists climbing high mountains like Kilimanjaro, everest and others.

Acclimatization is the process of mountain climbers to prepare themselves and get used to high altitude. This can be done by going to hike mountain on low altitude on an exercise. Example people climbing Kilimanjaro, should start getting used to high altitude by starting with Mount Meru climbing or other low hills trekking like Ngorongoro Highlands.

Other methods of acclimatization is by having enough days for Kilimanjaro trekking adventure by going slowly, and stay one more day on low altitude to get more time to breath and prepare your body physiology.

Example Machame route climbing is 6 days, so adding one more day will be 7 days hence having enough time for acclimatization.

All our Travel packages, tour excursions, Adventure travel and vacation holidays are equipped with medical air evacuation, Ambulance and emergency oxygen bottle.
This is stabilization and relocation to nearest hospital. Medical treatment costs will be incurred by your Travel Insurance cover.

Amref flying Doctors and Intensive Care Air Ambulance are reliable Air evacuation in Tanzania and East Africa.

Emergency oxygen bottle is essential facility in all kilimanjaro climb trips to rescue climbers from Acute mountain sickness.

Rongai route is easiest and scenic route without much traffic and enjoyable.

Lemosho route is most beautiful route and remote with wildlife viewing on western side of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is longer kilimanjaro trekking route usually taking 7 to 9 days, depends on strength and vacation holiday time for mountaineers.

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